Learning Support


The Phoenix Academy adopts a holistic approach to the Learning Support system.

To ensure that The Phoenix Academy takes into account all the social and personal needs of the pupils we have a Learning Support system which consists of a designated member of support staff allocated to each year group.

This provides continuity of social care and the ability to build relationships with adults.

Learning Support workers track several aspects of the child’s social progress these include Behaviour IEP’s and Social Targets.

This evidence is then used to support the child’s learning capabilities throughout the school.

Another aspect of the Learning Support system is to provide pupils with a friendly face and be someone that the pupil can approach regarding any issues that may arise. All Learning Support are aware of confidentiality issues associated with their work and have safeguarding policies and training to support them in developing the emotional life of the pupil.

The role of the Learning Assistant is to:

  • Meet all the requirements that are set out by the Learning Assistant manager
  • Learning Assistants must make sure they read all school policies and adhere to agreed practice in relation to management of pupils and communication with parents
  • All Learning Assistants will be line managed with Annual Development Reviews based on classroom practice and other Learning Assistant responsibilities
  • Facilitate learning in the classroom
  • Ensure all pupils make progress across the school
  • Attend all relevant meetings on a weekly basis
  • Up skill their practice and proficiency to ensure that learning is maximised for all our pupils
  • Liaise with staff to implement action plan for ECM annually
  • Monitoring and recording social targets and behavioural IEPs in conjunction with the class tutor
  • Complete end of term reports in terms 3 & 6
  • Complete pupil trackers at the end of terms 2, 4 & 6
  • Have meetings with the pupils in terms 2, 4 & 6
  • Ensure all documentation is completed by the set dates
  • Liaise with teachers regarding pupil profiles six weeks prior to annual review
  • Attend and report on annual reviews
  • Be able to communicate with parents/guardians and other agencies
  • Act as a role model for their pupils