Art at The Phoenix Academy

When planning and developing the schools Art curriculum, consideration must be to meet each pupils educational, behavioural and emotional needs.


The Nature of Art

Art is a practical subject involving the delivery of a broad body of knowledge and practical skills and visual awareness, demonstrating the processes involved in the acquisition of UNDERSTANDINGMAKING and INVESTIGATING in a broad and diverse cultural environment.

It is expected that pupils will use and experience a wide variety of media and materials in Art and Design. During the exploration of a project pupils will be expected and encouraged to use a variety of mediums as a means to enhance the overall effectiveness of a set topic, presentation and development being a key factor in the understanding of set tasks.

Activities involving Art and Design should be challenging and enjoyable and encourage enthusiasm in pupils so that their abilities are stretched.

The educational value of Art and Design is not judged just by how well pupils realise a finished piece of work, but also by the way they develop and communicate their capability through the process of development and understanding.

Each year group is allocated two lessons a week in Art and Design. Over both Key stages the practical tasks will encourage the pupils to develop an increasing autonomy and independence for their own designing and making activities. The department uses a predominance of structured tasks during Key stage 3. However, some opportunity will be given for pupils to respond to more open art and design challenges.


Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 sequence of tasks aims to provide a quality and varied foundation experience as preparation for the examination course. The elements of each task will follow specific art and design processes, which will include, in year 7 a series of concepts that will underline all art and design activity. A wide range of contexts will be explored, for example, the external influences and input of artist’s craftspeople and designers and their relationship to pupils work, this will allow pupils an insight of art and design in a wider context. The core skills are covered in Key stage 3 in preparation for GCSE coursework.


Key Stage 4

At the start of Key Stage 4 pupils begin the process of developing a more substantial art and design project and within reason they have the input into what area of study is best suited to their skills, in most cases this centres on the need of each particular child. Due to the length of the course it is vital that pupils initiate and sustain ownership of their project therefore the visual understanding and knowledge develop side by side. The coursework is structured for the Welsh Board GCSE syllabus.


Gifted and Talented

  • Pupils who display some talent in Art are encouraged to extend their artistic skills in a variety of ways, above and beyond the general art curriculum.
  • Pupils are encouraged to use professional equipment.
  • Pupils are exposed to a range of original artwork.
  • Pupils are offered extra time to develop their artwork above the 2 lessons a week currently on offer.
  • All pupils are guided in a direction that meets their artistic temperament.
  • Effective displays of pupils work encourages improvement in standards.