Computing (ICT)

The ICT department is highly motivated with high expectations of all of its students. The department is forward thinking and is keen to embrace all forms of modern technology.


Mr A Kilpin

We aim to make students experiences relevant to their needs by promoting a positive learning atmosphere through enjoyable and engaging lessons. All students in years 7, 8 and 9 follow the recommended Key Stage 3 national curriculum and Functional Skills. Key Stage 4 pupils now study the BTEC Level 1 IT Users course which concentrates on competently using specific software packages for set purposes. The topics that are covered are:

  • Unit 125 – Presentation Software
  • Unit 127 – Spreadsheet Software
  • Unit 129 – Word Processing Software
  • Unit 101 – Improving Productivity Using IT
  • Unit 105 – IT Security for Users

The ICT facilities are used to teach ICT skills in all years to make sure that every student is “computer literate” and can use computers appropriately and with confidence in their adult lives and to support learning in all subjects across the curriculum.

ICT Infrastructure

There is a dedicated ICT suite which has recently been refurbished and contains 10 workstations. In addition to this, every classroom has at least 4 or more workstations linked to the network, enabling work to be accessed from anywhere in the school. The school network is connected to the Internet and the World Wide Web and the school actively invests in new technology to assist in the continued education of our students.