CDT at The Phoenix Academy

When planning and developing the schools Design and Technology curriculum, consideration must be to meet each pupils educational, behavioural and emotional needs.


The Nature of Design and Technology

Design and Technology is a practical subject involving the delivery of a broad body of knowledge and practical skills demonstrating the processes involved in designing and making systems and artefacts to solve problems.

It is expected that pupils will use and experience a wide variety of tools and materials in designing and making tasks. During the exploration of a project pupils will be expected to use IT as a means to aid presentation and as a vehicle to generate ideas.

Activities involving Design and Technology should not only be challenging and stimulating but also offer enjoyment and encourage enthusiasm in pupils such that their abilities can be stretched.

The educational value of Design and Technology is not judged just by how well pupils make products but also by the way they develop their Design and Technology capability through the process of development and understanding.

Each year group are allocated 2 lessons a week in Design and Technology. Over both Key stages the practical tasks will encourage the pupils to develop an increasing autonomy and independence for their own designing and making activities. The department uses a predominance of structured tasks during Key stage 3. However, some opportunity will be given for pupils to respond to more open design challenges.