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One designated well equipped classroom. DVD, TV, Electronic whiteboard, video camera and camera.

About the department

English holds a unique place in the curriculum; it is both a subject in its own right and also the medium through which all other subjects in the curriculum are delivered. Therefore, it is central to learning. Our aim within the department is to develop our students as enthusiastic, motivated and independent learners who possess the skills that can be vital for their future lives.


The department is well resourced and improved regularly with class sets of novels, poetry anthologies, plays and textbooks. There is also a collection of DVD’s to support learning. The use of ICT is an intrinsic part of our English curriculum and students have a regular access to the computer and library facilities, along with new KS3/4 web based Dynamic Learning resources.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 the department provides a solid foundation for the study of English at Functional Skills and GCSE, the department is following the Pearson’s curriculum. Students take units in prose, poetry, scripted drama and media and equal emphasis is given to develop reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. The department also works closely with other curriculum areas to include a greater cross-curricular and extra-curricular learning opportunities.

Key Stage 4

The department follows the AQA syllabus for English and Pearsons-Edecel for Functional Skills. They build on their work from KS3 and further develop their ability to write to argue, persuade and advise; explore, imagine and entertain; inform, explain, describe and review, comment. Speaking and listening are also a key component of the course.

Enrichment Opportunities

Students participate in a variety of interesting enrichment activities. The schools timetable provides allotted sessions for students who require 1:1 additional support to further enhance their learning. Recent events have included a visit to the cinema, The Holocaust Centre, The Salvation Army, Whitby and novel related trips as available and residential trips and work experience linked to Functional Skills e.g. CV references. There is also a school magazine with which the students provide material.


Our school library is a well resourced centre to assist the students in their private independent studies as well as providing a quiet reflective time at break. We offer a library loan system linked to a reward scheme.

Reading Ladder

There is a book token reading ladder system. The pupils can collect a reading review form from the library or Download it from here. Once completed and signed off by a member of the English Team or Library Staff a £3 WHSmith voucher will be earned. These can be cashed in at anytime or collected and used as and when desired.

Pupil Suggestions

To allow for pupil involvment and selection in their library, there is also a pupil suggestion form that can be completed and posted in the suggestion box that can be found in the library.

Extra Revision

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Have a go at the library competition for a chance to win a WHSmith voucher, download the competition form here.

Pupil Performance

Percentage achieving level 4 or above – 14% Percentage achieving level 5 or above – 4.9% Percentage making exceptional progress – 1.5%


Mrs Stafford – Please see Mrs Stafford for details of how to join the library.