Motor Vehicle Studies

The Phoenix Academy Trust is pleased to offer an Options and Vocational Studies courses in Motor Vehicle Studies.
The courses run by the trust are backed by our membership with the IMI (Institute to the Motor Industry). An Accredited body serving the educational needs of Schools, Colleges and the Retail Industry in this field.
For the purposes of the in school qualification our students will follow a curriculum based on the IMI Entry Level Award. All credits and certification for these qualifications can be forwarded from school to the college or employer and be used towards higher awards in the future, should this be a path which the student wishes to pursue.
The vocational students, currently Year 9, begin with Health and Safety in the Workshop and move onto basic knowledge of tools and car engine components. Year 10 & 11 work on a Caterham Kit Car project, learning to follow build plans, and assembly methods with end result being a fully built and running track car.

Caterham build