Information on Qualifications and Progress


All pupils capable of passing GCES Science will sit Pearson’s GCSE in Science, a combined science qualification. Those pupils who are identified as not being able to achieve a GCSE will sit Pearson’s Entry Level. The specification for these courses is code 1SCO

All pupils are taught in mixed ability lessons and follow the same topics, but the teacher will differentiate by task, support and outcomes to ensure that all pupils are appropriately challenged. Pupils following the GCSE are expected to produce more in-depth responses to questions, tasks and practical assignments including carrying out far more independent research that takes into account the ‘real’ world and how the current task impinges on everyday life.

All pupils have a learning plan for science which identifies strategies to ensure the pupil makes progress and their needs are met.

All progress is monitored and recorded on our Pearson’s Progress computer based monitoring and assessment system. A baseline assessment is carried out within the first two weeks of starting at the school using Pearson’s assessment tools. Tracking of pupil’s progress is constantly undertaken by means of objectives set and completed and levels are adjusted accordingly.

All pupils will be set individual expected targets and individual aspirational targets to achieve in Science. Pupils will discuss their progress and future areas of development with their teacher each term. Pupils making insufficient progress are identified by the tracking system and intervention steps are taken to remedy the situation. This may include the pupil being involved in a ‘catch-up’ session, different support strategies being put into place, or changes to the pupil’s individual learning plan.