Work Experience


At the Phoenix Academy we feel it is important that our pupils have the opportunity of experience the world of work.

We offer work experience placements for all our pupils in Key Stage 4, and with the help of the local businesses, we have been able to offer all our pupils this experience.

  • During their career lessons, pupils are taught about a wide range of job opportunities.
  • After a discussion with each individual pupil by the Work Experience Co-ordinator (Mrs Selby and Mrs Todd), a placement is found tailored to each pupil’s individual interest and future aspiration.
  • The Co-ordinator, phones local businesses and potential employers. Once a placement has been found, after a discussing the needs of each individual, the co-ordinator will contact the EBP who will make a visit to the placement to do a risk assessment.
  • Once the risk assessment has been done, this is then emailed to the academy with the start dates and listing a rough outline of the placement.
  • Parents/Carers are contacted by letter asking them to read the risk assessment and to sign and return it to the Academy.
  • Employers are contacted by letter confirming dates and times and to ask them to sign the Contract of Agreement and return this copy to the Academy. (There is also a copy for them to retain for their file)
  • Pupils are ask to sign a Work Experience Contract to ensure that they are aware of the expectations of the academy and the work experience placement.
  • Transport is arranged and Staff are timetables accordingly. The kitchen staff are made aware of any packed lunches required where applicable.
  • Once a term a visit is made to the work experience placement. Employers are asked to complete a questionnaire applicable to the pupil and the pupil is also asked to complete a form with his experience of the placement. This information enables the work experience coordinator the ability to meet the quality assurance and to make any changes of needed. An attendance record is also kept.
  • Our programme of work experience is flexible and changes to dates, number of days, placements can be changed according to the pupils needs.
  • A Work Experience Aims Award unit is completed as the placement progresses and assessed in year 11.

Windrustle work experience