Eco Schools at Phoenix


This year the Eco Team have been busy making the school grounds a more attractive place for wildlife, bird and boxes have been placed around the site along with bird feeders which are monitored and regularly filled with bird seed. The biggest project was the school pond. The school pond had been very overgrown and untidy and wasn’t a very attractive place either to look at or as a home for wildlife, so the Eco Team set to work on rejuvenating the area. Firstly all the overhanging trees and bushes were trimmed back before the water from the pond was drained and frogs, newts, fish, toads and any other creatures were moved to a safe place. Removing the pond weeds and lily pads were the hardest work as all their roots had formed into one huge heavy mass! When the pond was empty of water the Eco team scrubbed the lining tidied the area to ensure it was as clear as possible of any debris. A rock feature was built, a new pump was bought to keep the pond clean and a cover placed over the pond to stop the local Heron from eating the fish. Clean water was then pumped back into the pond along with the fish, frogs and newts. We now have a lovely clean and tidy pond area that will be an attractive environment for wildlife and will be easy to maintain for many years.

In October the academy were reaccredited with Eco Schools Green Flag status.

To achieve Green Flag status we have to prove that we are committed to saving energy, saving water, biodiversity, litter (keeping school grounds and local areas free of litter), waste (ensuring we recycle as much as possible) transport, school grounds, healthy living and global citizenship.

If you would like to see our action plan for the next year, please download the action plan in the download section on the right.