Eco Schools


We are a Green Flag Eco School and we have been very busy with activities that will give our pupils a better understanding of how to become more ecologically friendly.

Pupils and have been taking part in regular litter picks both on site and along the local canal tow paths with the help and support of South Kesteven District Council.

Pupils have also joined in with building igloos and greenhouses using recycled plastic bottles to show what can be done with waste instead of just throwing it away.

The school Eco team have been very eager to attract more wild life to the school grounds and have been busy making bat boxes and bird boxes which they have placed around the school site, as well as buying bird seed and maintaining bird feeders.

The Eco Team have also been monitoring the amount of energy being used in the school and we have seen a steady reduction over the last year.

Click on the link for Chainsaw Mick visit.

Click on the link for White Post Farm visit.