SMSC is intrinsic to the curriculum, ethos and environment of the Phoenix Academy.
We provide learning experiences to enable all of our pupils to succeed and be the best
people that they can be. We promote all of our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and
cultural development to equip them to be happy, confident, respectful and successful
individuals who can make positive choices in their lives and contribute to their
communities and the world of work.


British Values


Promoting British values at The Phoenix Academy We agree with the Department for Education’s five-part definition of British values:

• democracy

• the rule of law

• individual liberty

• mutual respect

• welcoming different faiths and beliefs (the official term used in FBV is ‘tolerance’, however we prefer to use the term ‘welcome’)

Phoenix Academy pupils encounter these principles throughout everyday school life. In particular, our promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding across the curriculum ensures all subjects encompass these key themes.