Reward Days


At the Academy the pupils receive points for all lessons through their school day and these points go towards their overall score for certificates that are awarded in assembly every Friday.

These certificates earn the pupils the chance to participate in fun and educational activities at the end of terms 2, 4 and 6.

These Reward days help to enhance pupils social skills and boost their self confidence. They are also a great way to encourage and reward positive behaviour throughout the two terms.

Previous reward day trips have involved a variety of locations, including: High ropes, mountain biking, Ice skating, laser tag, museum trips, city visits, swimming, trampoline parks and much more.

The rewards day have been very successful with pupils across the school and they really aid with the inclusion of pupils who find it difficult to socialise with others. The small groups with two staff enable a more relaxed environment for the pupils to gain confidence and enjoy themselves while also learning.