All pupils will be given English and Mathematics homework each week to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Pupils may be set homework in other areas of the curriculum at the teachers discretion. Those pupils who are studying exam courses will receive homework each week. All homework should be completed and returned to the appropriate teacher on Monday of the next week.

How can parents and carers help their children with their homework?

Parents and carers could support their children by prompting them to complete their homework on time and encourage them to take care with their presentation. It would help if they could have a quiet place to work and if parents and carers could offer support when  it is needed.

It  would also help your child to encourage them to read regularly for enjoyment whenever possible, this could include books magazines and comics or on appropriate websites. If your child finds reading difficult, take turns to read or try reading together at the same time as this can help to develop their confidence.

If your child is following an exam course please encourage them to research information about the topics being studied..

Please encourage your child to use the following learning websites:


For KS4 revision and help with all key stage 3 subjects please visit the BBC Bitesize pages below.

To access MyMaths for Maths homework please follow the link below: